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Vegan Hypoallergenic Vitamin D

$20.83 $15.98

  • Maintain Health, Energy, Focus, Endurance & Stamina
  • Small size – Making it easier to take
  • No excipients (binders, fillers and coatings)
  • No flavours or colours
  • No animal products or byproducts
  • Allergen-free, Gluten-free, kosher, vegan and non-GMO.
  • GUARANTEED SAFE, PURE & EFFECTIVE: // NON-GMO // Free of Heavy Metals // NO Excipients (no binders, fillers, flow agents, chemicals, plasticizers, preservatives, enteric coating, or artificial ingredients) // Manufactured in a state of the art government registered GMP facility.

Many of us lead busy and hectic lifestyles which can place different demands on the body. Pure-lē Natural Vegan Hypoallergenic vitamins are the first hypoallergenic vitamins designed for those who don’t want addition additives in their supplements.

While many people have extreme sensitivities and allergies to many naturally occurring ingredients and to nearly all excipients (inactive ingredients) normally found in nutritional supplements and traditional foods. Most manufacturers formulate supplements based on cost and taste. Some of the flavorings and formulation aids used to make these products taste good are the very ingredients to which many people are sensitive and actively trying to avoid.

The darling of researchers of late, Vitamin D, also known as the Sunshine Vitamin, has come under intense study as more and more health benefits are being attributed to it.Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for the maintenance of good health, prevention of disease and maintaining normal calcium metabolism.

Because of our location (geographically) in North America, it is virtually impossible to get enough high quality sunlight, even in the summer for our bodies to produce enough vitamin D to keep us healthy. Because of this it is recommended that everyone take a vitamin D supplement, year round.

Vitamin D has been the subject of tens of thousands of clinical trials and papers with more coming out each week. Formulated for everyone, Pure-lē Natural Vegan Hypoallergenic Vitamin D is pure vitamin D, without any allergens or extra unnecessary ingredients.


Vegan Hypoallergenic Vitamin D

Vitamin D “the sunshine vitamin” has received quite a bit of attention over the last few years. Recently, the recommended amounts for Vitamin D increased for people of all ages. This is of great concern as Vitamin D is not found in many foods and virtually all Canadians (and Americans) are deficient.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps your body function, ward off disease and absorb calcium. Calcium and vitamin D work together to help you maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D also helps your muscles, nerves and immune system work properly. Recent research has shown that vitamin D may be linked to lowering the risk of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and some cancers.

When sun exposure presents a health risk to sensitive skin, how can you obtain the Vitamin D necessary to build strong bones and teeth and to ward off disease? Health Canada and the Canadian Medical Association agree that supplementation is the safest, most effective way for you to receive this important nutrient without risk of overexposure to sun. The current recommendation is 1000 IU daily.

Made with Pure GMO-Free Vegan Vitamin D, free of any additives or preservatives. This premium formula is free of colours, flavours and preservatives, and it contains no animal products or by-products, salt, sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, corn or lactose. Pure-lē Natural Vegan Hypoallergenic Vitamin D is a natural-sourced supplement of vitamin D. It is easy to use and is for everyone including vegans and sensitive individuals.

Dosage Forms:

Pure-lē Natural Vegan Hypoallergenic Vitamin D is certified Kosher and Pareve. It is a small tablet packaged in convenient 180 tablet bottles.

Therapeutic Indications:

In order to keep yourself healthy you need to ensure you have a daily intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and co-factors. In an ideal world you would do this through the healthy diet you eat each and every day. Unfortunately even for the most diligent healthy eaters among us, obtaining these nutrients in sufficient amounts from our diet (without eating an absurdly high amount of calories) is impossible.

vitamin supplements are the easiest way to enhance the nutrient levels we obtain from our healthy diet. when you buy these products you are looking for the nutrients, those pure elements that help maintain your good health. But not all supplements are created equal. Most contain a host of fillers, binders and coatings, many of which are allergens, animal products and byproducts; ingredients that offer no nutrition and in fact make the vitamins harder to take because in order to fit all these “non-nutrients” the tablets end up being HUGE!

What if you could get a vitamin that was pure, clean, vegan and free of all allergens and all non-nutrients?

Now you can!

Pure-lē Natural Vegan Hypoallergenic vitamins are a new breed of vitamin. They contain nutrients, and nothing else. They are natural, kosher, vegan, and free of fillers, binders, coatings and other non-nutrients. This makes them smaller and easier to take.

Suggested Usage:

Children and Adolescents to age 13 – 1-2 tablets daily

Adolescents 14+ and adults – 2 tablets daily.

Health Canada License (NPN):  80023343

Medicinal Ingredients:

  • Vegan Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) (400Iu)

Other Ingredients: Calcium, vegetable cellulose

Contains No yeast, wheat, gluten, sweeteners, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in our Canadian GMP facility.

Additional information

Weight .045 lbs
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