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Vegan Hypoallergenic High Potency Women’s Multivitamin Mineral

$30.35 $15.98

  • Maintain Health, Energy, Focus, Endurance & Stamina
  • High Potency – Wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for every woman’s health
  • Small size – Making it easier to take
  • No excipients (binders, fillers and coatings)
  • No flavours or colours
  • No animal products or byproducts
  • Allergen-free, Gluten-free, kosher, vegan and non-GMO.
  • GUARANTEED SAFE, PURE & EFFECTIVE: // NON-GMO // Free of Heavy Metals // NO Excipients (no binders, fillers, flow agents, chemicals, plasticizers, preservatives, enteric coating, or artificial ingredients) // Manufactured in a state of the art government registered GMP facility.

Women have unique nutritional needs. In this day and age the stress women are under keeping up with traditional responsibilities (domestic work) along with caring for family (children and often parents) adds up. Pile on a career and you have the over-stressed and over worked women trying to stay afloat, let alone get ahead.

These demands put an incredible burden on the nutritional requirements of women. Most multivitamins can’t hope to support the lives of modern women. Unfortunately most products turn to low quality (inexpensive) nutrient sources and try to just put a little of everything they can think of inside in the hopes that a long ingredient list will impress consumers.

Low quality ingredients (medicinal and non-medicinal) often have a hidden dark side, those being reactions. Potential reactions are due to poor digestibility (for example calcium carbonate which causes stomach pain), sensitivities (for example low quality niacin causes many people to get quite hot and flushed) and allergies (for example talc which is used in many vitamins causes rashes and itchiness.

Pure-lē Natural Hypoallergenic Vegan Woman’s Multivitamin is the multivitamin formulated for today’s woman. It supports all body systems, without any allergens or extra unnecessary ingredients.


Vegan Hypoallergenic High Potency Women’s Multivitamin Mineral

Type: Essential Vitamins & Minerals


Formulated especially for women, Pure-lē Natural Hypoallergenic Vegan Woman’s Multivitamin contains what the a woman’s body needs, without any allergens or extra unnecessary ingredients.

Dosage Forms:

Pure-lē Natural Vegan Hypoallergenic High Potency Women’s Multivitamin Mineral is certified Kosher and Pareve. It is a small tablet packaged in convenient 60 tablet bottles.


Each tablet contains:
750 mcg (RAE) of Vitamin A, 300 mg of Vitamin C, 10 mcg of Vitamin D, 33.5 mg (AT) of Vitamin E, 30 mg of
Thiamine, 30 mg of Riboflavin, 100 mg of Niacinamide, 30 mg of Vitamin B6, 400 mcg of Folic Acid, 30 mcg of
Vitamin B12, 30 mcg of Biotin, 30 mg of Vitamin B5, 30 mg of Calcium, 10 mg of iron, 150 mcg of Iodine, 15 mg of
Magnesium, 7.5 mg of Zinc, 35 mcg of Selenium, 0.2 mg of Copper and 2 mg of Manganese and cellulose fiber.

Therapeutic Indications:

In order to keep yourself healthy you need to ensure you have a daily intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and co-factors. In an ideal world you would do this through the healthy diet you eat each and every day. Unfortunately even for the most diligent healthy eaters among us, obtaining these nutrients in sufficient amounts from our diet (without eating an absurdly high amount of calories) is impossible.

Multivitamin Multiminerals are the easiest way to supplement the nutrient levels we obtain from our healthy diet. when you buy these products you are looking for the nutrients, those pure elements that help maintain your good health. But not all “multis” are created equal. Most contain a host of fillers, binders and coatings, many of which are allergens, animal products and byproducts; ingredients that offer no nutrition and in fact make the multis harder to take because in order to fit all these “non-nutrients” the multis end up being HUGE!

What if you could get a multivitamin that was pure, clean, vegan and free of all allergens and all non-nutrients?

Now you can!

Pure-lē Natural Hypoallergenic Multivitamins are a new breed of multi. They contain nutrients, and nothing else. They are natural, kosher, vegan, and free of fillers, binders, coatings and other non-nutrients. This makes them smaller and easier to take.

Health Canada License (NPN): 80024519

Storage: Pure-lē Natural Vegan Hypoallergenic High Potency Women’s Multivitamin Mineral should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dry area until it is required.

Usage: Adults: Take 1-3 tablets daily based on your nutritional needs

Safety Information: Take a few hours before or after taking other medications. Keep out of reach of children. There is enough iron in this package to seriously harm a child.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 in