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Super Strength Schizandra Extract

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  • INFLAMMATION: Thanks to Schizandra’s high concentration of antioxidant compounds, it fights free radical damage and lowers inflammation.
  • ADRENAL FUNCTION & REDUCE STRESS: As an adaptogen Schizandra helps to balance hormones and improves the ability to deal with stress (mental, emotional and physical).
  • LIVER FUNCTION & DIGESTION: Schizandra helps increase enzyme production, boosts antioxidant activity, digestion, waste and toxin removal.
  • SKIN HEALTH: Schizandra is a skin tonic. It helps protect skin from wind, sun damage, allergic reactions, dermatitis, and toxin accumulation.
  • MENTAL PERFORMANCE: Schizandra helps improve concentration, focus, memory and deal with stress.
  • SEX: Schizandra assists male and female fertility and hormone health through its action on hormone production.
  • Gluten-free, kosher, vegan and non-GMO Herbal Supplement. 100% Natural
  • Cold Pressed Herbs, Grown and Harvested Using Biodynamic Practices
  • GUARANTEED SAFE, PURE & EFFECTIVE: // NON-GMO // Free of Heavy Metals // NO Excipients (no binders, fillers, flow agents, chemicals, plasticizers, preservatives, enteric coating, or artificial ingredients) // Manufactured in a state of the art government registered GMP facility.

Schizandra extract is made with ripe berries (Schizandra chinensis). Our Raw SuperCool proprietary double extraction process, yields a Super Strength Holistically Standardized extract. Liquid extracts are absorbed faster than tablets or capsules, and are more potent than tinctures. Holistically Standardized guarantees that the constituents of the extract are in the same synergistic ratios as in the plant.

Schizandra is one of the core herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has abundant scientific research to back up its use. It is used as an “adaptogen” for increasing resistance to disease and stress, increasing energy, and increasing physical performance and endurance. Schizandra is also used for preventing early aging and increasing lifespan; normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure; and stimulating the immune system. It is also used for treating liver disease, protecting the liver from poisons and osteoporosis.


Super Strength Holistically Standardized Schizandra Extract

Botanical Name: Schizandra chinensis

Synonyms: Bac Ngu Vi Tu, Baie de Schisandra, Beiwuweizi, Bei Wu Wei Zi, Chinese Mongolavine, Chinese Schizandra, Chinesischer Limonenbaum, Chosen-Gomischi, Five-Flavor-Fruit, Five-Flavor-Seed, Fructus Schisandrae, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis, Fruit aux Cinq Saveurs, Gomishi, Hoku-Gomishi, Kadsura chinensis, Kita-Gomishi, Limonnik Kitajskij, Mei Gee, Magnolia Vine, Matsbouza, Nanwuweizi, Ngu Mei Gee, Northern Schisandra, Omicha, Schisandra Berry, Schisandra chinensis var. rubriflora, Schisandra Sinensis, Schisandra sphaerandra, Schisandra sphenanthera, Schisandrae, Schizandra, Schizandra Chinensis, Schizandre Fructus, Schzandra, Southern Schisandra, Wuhzi, Wuweizi, Wu-Wei-Zi, Western Schisandra, Xiwuweizi.

Family: Schisandraceae

Parts Used: Berry


A Staple in Chinese Wellness Traditions Found in Asia and eastern Russia, Schizandra is a woody vine that produces berries high in vitamins C and E. These berries are known as the “five flavored fruit” because they contain the five basic flavors of Chinese herbal wellness practices – salty, sour, spicy, sweet, and bitter. Schizandra berries are not often used in culinary practices due to their bitter flavor, but they have been used to support overall wellness for centuries.  Schizandra is a vital component in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is found in every classic TCM text. It is considered a Harmonizing Tonic or “King” remedy in Chinese Medicine because of its well balanced energetic nature.

Dosage Forms:

Schizandra is available in concentrated, certified Kosher and Pareve, Super Strength Holistically Standardized low alcohol extract packaged in convenient 50ml amber glass bottles with pipette droppers.


Schizandra Berries (Schizandra chinensis), Pure grain alcohol (20%), Pure filtered water.

Therapeutic Indications:

Schizandra first appeared in the Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) text dating back to the first century BC. According to TCM Schizandra’s action is to hold the leakage of Lung qi and stop coughs, to tonify and enrich the Kidneys, to contain the essence and stop diarrhea. It is useful for nocturnal emissions, vaginal discharge, spermatorrhea (excessive and involuntary ejaculation) and urinary frequency due to Kidney deficiency. It quiets the spirit while calming and holding the heart qi, useful for irritability, insomnia, palpitations and disturbed sleep due to damage of the blood and yin of the Heart and Kidneys. Schizandra is used to inhibit sweating and generate fluids; good for night-sweats, spontaneous or excessive sweating especially when accompanied by a dry throat or thirst. Schizandra is considered to be both a tonic and an astringent, primarily used for deficiency conditions of the Kidney, Lung and Heart due to a lack of qi and body fluids.

Modern herbalism uses Schizandra as a liver tonic, useful for acute or chronic liver disease, chemical liver damage, poor liver function and improving the detoxifying ability of the liver. As an antioxidant, adaptogenic (help the body handle mental, emotional or physical stress), to calm the nerves and mild antidepressant useful for improving mental and physical performance, endurance and adaptation to stress. It is used for chronic cough and asthma due to its cough suppressing effects.

Schizandra was extensively researched by Russian scientists and doctors in the 1960’s. It secured an established position within the medicine of Russia/USSR as evidenced by the inclusion of the drug in recent editions of the National Pharmacopoeia (the bible of drugs medical substances) of the USSR. Studies show Schizandra increases physical working capacity and has a stress-protective effect against a wide range of harmful factors including heat shock, skin burn, cooling, frostbite, immobilization, swimming under load, decreased air pressure, inflammation, radiation, and heavy metal intoxication. Schizandra increases endurance, mental performance and working capacity. Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated the efficiency of Schizandra for low energy, weakness, poor vision, low blood pressure, influenza, in chronic sinusitis, ear infections, pneumonia, allergic dermatitis, chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, and wound healing. Schizandra appears to reduce anxiety and cortisol.

Recent studies showed that Schizandra was rich in lignans, natural components which help women balance hormones after menopause and help to prevent and potentially reverse the osteoporosis caused by menopause. One study found that bone mineral density was significantly increased after using Schizandra liquid extract for 6 weeks.

Studies on isolated organs, tissues, cells and enzymes have revealed that Schizandra preparations exhibit strong antioxidant activities and affect smooth muscles, tissue respiration and oxygen consumption, and the tolerance of an organism to oxygen intoxication.

Storage: Schizandra should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dry area until it is required.

Usage: Take 10-15 drops daily for an extended period of time (three to four months).

Safety Information: Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Discontinue use if you experience heartburn, acid indigestion, decreased appetite, stomach pain, anorexia, allergic skin rashes or urticaria. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. According to TCM, do not use when an exterior condition is not cleared, when there is heat from excess in the interior, or in the early stages of coughs or rashes. Do not use if you have a peptic ulcer, increased intracranial pressure, epileptic seizure or hypertension. Keep out of the reach of children.

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